An exclusive experience in the heart of Rome
Cooking for passion… that’s whats all about!

Vio’s Cooking is an exclusive experience created by Violante Guerrieri Gonzaga for small and selected groups of tourists coming in Rome that want to feel and taste “the eternal city” in  a very private and different way.
Vio’s Cooking  is a unique Italian experience, it’s about lifestyle, Italian culture and passion for food.
It all starts shopping at Campo dei fiori the most typical roman fresh market buying fresh and authentic food and flowers… then the cooking class, cooking delicious haute cuisine italian food and eating joyfully together the menu  that has been created…magically settled and presented  on Palazzo Taverna’s roof top terrace with one of the most stunning views in the heart of Rome!

Cooking Experience

Fresh Market

Visit with Violante the very typical fresh market in piazza Campo de’ Fiori. It’s Rome most spectacular food market since 1869…



Cooking Classes

Cooking classes for small and selected groups of tourists coming in Rome. A wonderful journey through exquisite Italian food.



Roof Garden Tasting

At the end of the cooking class, you’ll taste together the dishes prepared during the class on the roof top terrace with the most stunning view…


Open and enjoy the Vio’s Cooking Experience Video!